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  About Gibbon  

Garold Amadon performs some six or more hours of original compositions of nautical ballads, and a contemporary folk-rock sound, as well as music by popular recording artists.


Phil Collins, Stan Rodgers, Harry Chapin, Bruce Cockburn, James Taylor, Neil Young, Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Little River Band, Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, are most influential towards his writing style as well as many, many covers toward a dinner club environment or an upbeat pub atmosphere.


Irish-Celtic songs and ballads help to strengthen the nautical atmosphere Garold has brought to the Irish pubs in Houston, TX, Largo, FL, Windsor, ON and Detroit, MI areas. Through exploring this avenue he has had the privilege of teaming up on occasion with many Celtic performers.


Garold has performed with Scott Hendricks of Arlington, TX in a comedy show of 20-30 minutes to two-hour performances featuring:


Gibbon the Troubadour and Axel the Sot



With comedic capers, dramatic drama, nautical naughtiness, intoxicating innuendo, those limericking, lascivious, purveyors of perversion, those bad boys of the Renaissance...

Axel the Sot ... Gibbon the Troubadour.... in the 

Keelhauler Comedy Extravaganza!





Quote from the Detroit Free Press - 1983 - "A good feeling sound in musical entertainment"





A seasoned musician-songwriter, Garold Amadon accompanies himself on an acoustic twelve-string guitar in a powerful vocal performance. In true troubadour spirit, his pictorial introductions possess a unique edge that shapes each of his lyrical compositions into captivating ballads.


His writing style displays a wide variety of musical influences enhanced by forty-two years of performance time developing an entertaining attitude.


Amadon hails from Athol, Massachusetts, a small river town in the stony hills of the North-central area of the state, near the Vermont-New Hampshire border.Throughout the 70's, the entertainment scene in New England sparked Garold's strong desire to travel and bring his music to college towns and resort areas. Before leaving there he averaged 150 club dates per year and accumulated over 60 performances in musical theatre in several lead roles with two community theatre groups.


Garold performed throughout the 80's in Detroit, Michigan and area suburbs as an ever-growing repertoire of over 1000 popular contemporary songs, he used his stage time to intertwine more original material into his performances.fill-time nightspot entertainer as well as an independent contract performer. Averaging 240 performance dates per year and arranging an


In 1981 Garold introduced "Gibbon the Troubadour" to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, where he performed seven weekends in August and September for 22 seasons over 25 years. Gibbon the Troubadour is a "twenty-first-century" caricature of a sixteenth-century minstrel". His character has developed over the years into an intriguing balladeer with a lively musical theme. Since 1988, the National Renaissance Festival circuit provided the perfect atmosphere to showcase Gibbon while establishing a strong performance schedule outside the Festivals.


After taking time off from the road these last five years to regroup and prepare for four new CD projects, Garold is ready to reestablish himself in the performance field of entertainment in the Massachusetts/New England area. 


In his nightspot appearance Garold will swing you from a light jazzy format to heartfelt original versions of 70;s folk-rock ballads. He'll set you sailing across the briny ocean swells with rich samples of original and traditional seafarin' tunes that are sure to raise many a tankard in stouthearted fashion!






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