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A New Adventure be sure

Busherod McKeaver Enterprises Net Solutions

Ahoy there mates n matettes!

In October of 2022, I was presented with a possible proposal, to take on a new project, something I would have never imagined in my lifetime, would ,or could, come to fruition. James F. Stearns Inc. owns their patent to a safety net design, that is totally unique to the steel erection industry. The patent was sent over to me and I studied it in its written form. Using only drawings of the patent, intent, with no real product to go by, to understand the original design, or intent to the design, I made the commitment, and received the basic blue print to a building they would be integral to, in Boston. Boston. Whoduhthunkitt? Me, Garold Amadon, aka … Gibbon the Troubadour, studying, designing, reconfiguring, building from scratch, safety nets, to protect Local Union 7 Iron Workers, erecting high rise buildings in … Boston.  I believed from the start, I could be a very inventive part to this endeavor. So, yeah, on we go!


The story to this phase of my musician, property manager, life… begins here… I am beyond thankful for this opportunity, turning 70 midway through it’s entirety. 70 years old, I attempt to rediscover myself, in an environment I, Garold Amadon…Gibbon the Troubadour, would have never, ever, imagined myself to be a party to, let alone, the designer of… Busherod McKeaver Enterprises Net Solutions. 


I only decided to title my self this way toward the end of the last project, for a Boston Children’s Hospital building in Needham MA.  However, the first project, intensely, was for 60 Guest St. Boston MA. All I had to go on, or go by, was a rendering, and the original architectural drawing, of an 11 story structure. At first. Then came the net drawings, layer upon layer. 123 safety nets, 91 different dimensions, expected between mid February, through to mid June. Daunting. A very mindful, and impressive challenge. I met it, with unwittingly innocent, dedication. 


I wanted to place this page in place, before continuing on, for year 2024. I will add more to the story as time goes on. For now, I have this design for my “tattoo” for my truck and trailer \.


Bloody hell mates!

Wish me “Wicked Pissa” Luck, on this next phase of the new world I have become an amazing part of. 


Thank for checking in.


Busherod McKeaver Enterprises Net Solutions. 

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